Being creative and careful as a wedding photographer

One of the challenges of wedding photos is the presence of people on almost all sides of the photo shoot including your photo background. Not always this gives a less good effect because it is often also good. However, in a formal situation, for example in church, try to limit the background area of the back that you want to take in order to give good results. It is because if not, then you will only continue to produce photos with the same background. Besides that, take advantage of the direct sunlight you get with the best possible to create a good and clear photo of the customer’s wedding photography session.

Be as creative as possible

When you are entrusted to capture precious moments from someone (your client), then perform creatively. Do not use the same pose and angle for each shoot, but show the variations. For example, do not just take pictures at the same level as the subject, but you can try to take pictures from the bottom corner as well as from above your subject. Although most of the pictures that will be in the album are a formal pose, make sure you take pictures with varying angles.

Take a look into your ISO settings

What is an ISO? What is the best ISO setting that should be used for each different shooting conditions? Is it the same? If you take a photo of a wedding in the open nature, at what level is your ISO? Or vice versa, if you take wedding photos in the room, what is the right level of ISO?

ISO is a measure of the light sensitivity received by the camera sensor. So, if you have a correct understanding of the ISO on your camera, then it will help you in producing sharp and clear images. If you are using a Nikon DSLR camera, use ISO 400 when you do a wedding photo outdoors. And if needed, you can increase your ISO to 520 or 640 positions. Nevertheless, avoid using ISO 800 or more because it will make your photo look less good or rough.

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