Consider these 3 things before you choose a hosting service

Have you ever seen an email like this:,, etc.? What comes to mind when you see an email like that? You must be thinking, “Wow, this email must belong to a professional!” Large websites must have emails that are more or less like that in order to improve reputation and trust. Aside from that, if you really need to save your budget, you can also try the $1 hosting.

Again, reputation and trust.

Just imagine if you have an email like that, surely someone else will think like you and can think you are professional.

As a result, your website’s reputation and trust and you will increase in the eyes of others. And for those of you who use your website as a source of income, it’s important for you to have an email like that.

Then, you may want to consider the numbers of the subdomain as well.

Tips on choosing to host, the next is about the number of subdomains. A good web hosting provider will definitely provide features to add subdomains such as,, etc.

Many argue between subdomains and subdirectories. The difference first …

Subdomain:,, etc.
Subdirectories: my personal business,, etc.
So, when your website discusses things that are somewhat different from the main topic, you can put it on a subdomain. For example: -> Discuss programming, -> Discuss networks.

Other than that, the free SSL can be a good addition to your hosting.

Having a website that is equipped with SSL features is quite important and a serious website owner desires to take care of his website. The characteristics of websites that use SSL are prefixed with HTTPS and not HTTP.

You don’t need to think about SSL features on your website if you want something like this:

SEO and your website ranking are not optimal.

Visitors don’t buy products (services) from you because they don’t trust you.

Visitor data and your website are easily hacked and stolen by hackers.

Your income does not go up because of the lack of trust in people.

Although not all website owners need SSL, SSL is one of the important things in maintaining the vitality of your data.

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