Pay attention to the stick club when you’re putting the ball

When performing a long-range or full swing punch, the wrist part is intentionally flexible so that it can follow the direction of the swing to increase the strength of the blow. However, in the putting, you need a solid wrist to make it easier to regulate the force of the push. This is necessary due to a slight mistake might drive your ball away from the hole. Aside from that, you can always visit whenever you look for a fine golf course in Thailand.

Grasping the putter is actually not much different from the grip of the stick on other types of blows. Both hands are in a neutral position with one hand in the other like a baseball grip. Then place the right index finger on the bottom of the stick out of the fingers. Meanwhile, the left index finger is placed above the fingernails of the right hand pointing towards the bottom of the golf club.

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