In addition to Air Pollution Because of Vehicles, It’s Some Pollution That’s Harming the Earth

Pollution on this earth is already increasing and can no longer be left. Because the number of vehicles that make pollution is getting worse. So, all you have to do is replace your vehicle that emits a lot of smoke with a more environmentally friendly vehicle because it will be very profitable for you and also this earth. One of the vehicles you can choose is an electric scooter. That way, air pollution is no longer a serious threat to the earth and humans in it.

In addition to air pollution, there are many other pollutants on earth that are not realized and you are even more pleased with the existence of a lot of pollution. after the greatly increased pollution of vehicles, some of this pollution is also very dangerous for the earth.

1. Sound pollution
Many people who do feel disturbed by the noisy sound like in the urban streets. Many researchers have pointed out that noise pollution is very harmful to health, such as frequent buzzing ear performance, sleeplessness, memory loss, high blood pressure to death from heart attacks and strokes.

2. Visual pollution
Visual pollution is a pollution related to aesthetics, referring to the impact of pollution that interferes with people’s ability to enjoy the scenery. In short, this pollution is a mushrooming of visual garbage that is around us. concrete examples, such as billboards, banners, banners, advertisements, party campaign posters, all on the street, totally ignore the aesthetic value. As a result, everyone’s visibility is disrupted.

3. Light pollution
Different again with this one pollution. Light pollution becomes one of the most uneasy concerns. In fact, the high illumination in a place can be bad for every human being. This is called light pollution; adverse effects on artificial light.
This pollution is the impact of industrialization; garden lights, buildings, offices, billboards, stadium lights, and so on.