The importance of hospitality and product knowledge for customer service

A good customer service phone call experience starts from the moment customers start contact with you. Welcome them warmly and warmly when the conversation begins, so they feel comfortable asking questions or expressing what they want to say. Especially when customers want to submit a complaint, a good welcome will start the conversation with a more positive tone. In addition, you will be responsive and open to help solve the problems they face. In the meantime, we also recommend you to check out the affordable 1300 Numbers Cost.

For those who actively use the Live Chat feature on online stores, you can take the initiative to greet visitors when entering your site to make sure that the store admin will be stand-by if they need help while shopping.

In addition, the lack of knowledge about the products you sell can be a minus point in the eyes of customers. When they have questions about your product, they will expect to get the answer they are looking for. As a store owner and/or admin, you need to have a deep knowledge of the product you sell – such as size, color, material, stock size and so on. Be sure to dedicate time with the support team or customer service to improve product knowledge by conducting regular training.

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