The On-page and the Off-page SEO

On page is an SEO activity conducted within the website. The goal is to make the page more easily recognizable and read by search engine spiders in collecting information so that the data obtained by spiders can be relevant to Search Query. Aside from that, you might also want to take a look at the Charles Brian International SEO service.

From the results of Research Keyword (Keyword Research), you have previously obtained the keywords that will be in the process on this seo on page stage.

From the list of keywords that you get from the research results of the keyword you next make into Content.

Before further discussing the content, you should also know that there is 1 algorithm that covers the content of “Hummingbird Algorithm” which is currently also in the process by Rank Brain.

With the Algorithm, Google can predict exactly the content of the content you write. What information you are discussing as well as relevant to Search Query.

Before the Hummingbird era, Long Tail Keyword that you get from the results of keyword research will usually make all these keywords into 1 content. But in the Hummingbird Era, it will be useless and ineffective.

Once you have chosen the right keywords and made it the website content, the last step is to off page SEO, or optimization from outside the website is better known as backlinks.

Backlinks are a vote from other websites for your website because you have useful content.

In principle, this Backlink is a link/vote given other websites to your website voluntarily because your content is useful. But in fact, there are many webmasters who do the backlinks deliberately.

One type of backlink recommended by Google is content marketing, how to create valuable content and have a trigger for people to share and backlinks.

The scheme looks like this: Valuable Content à Promotion to the right person à Share & Backlink for your website.

The theory is simple but in fact not so simple it, for that many who do the backlink in deliberate. There are many types of backlinks that you can use. However, you must understand the principle of creating a backlink Relevant and Qualified.

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