The Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Server and Consider Dedicated Hosting

Is the dedicated server high availability? Basically, this type of service is not redundant or supports high availability aspects like cloud servers. But the flexibility of a dedicated server allows this to be done. In other words, dedicated servers emphasize the procurement of servers specifically, can be configured for special needs and full access to all resources on a physical server. Why choose to get a dedicated hosting service?

Many of you put a site on a shared hosting host and establish their choice in shared hosting compared to dedicated servers because dedicated thinking is expensive. Do you know the advantage of having your own server? Basically, a shared hosting server has a number of sites that vary, there are hundreds or even several thousand sites in it and also the components inside the server itself such as RAM, data transfer, bandwidth are also shared with other user sites so that sometimes for website owners who have traffic high visitors, too much data is loaded by the server or even unaware of the website script which burdens the server because of the excessive number of queries that.

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