The two historical Asian Games places in Jakarta

Through the Asian Games Touring Tour by Jakarta Creative Tours held August 10-12, 2018, there are two interesting places to visit in Jakarta, remembering and learning about the history of the 1962 Asian Games. Aside from that, you can go to Venue ASIAN Games 2018  to know the latest news about Asian Games 2018.

Here’s where:

Hotel Indonesia Hotel Indonesia was built specifically for the needs of the 1962 Asian Games. Guides from Jakarta Creative Tours, if at the 1962 Asian Games Hotel Indonesia functioned as an athlete’s house.

There used to be 406 rooms in Hotel Indonesia, and are currently being renovated into 289 rooms. Interestingly there is no air conditioner in Hotel Indonesia rooms yet

In addition, the Welcome Monument is also a historical place that is closely tied to the Asian Games. M

The Welcome Monument next to Hotel Indonesia there is a Welcome Monument specially built to welcome delegates. So why is the statue facing it (North), when the delegates arrive from Kemayoran Airport, they will be welcomed by the Welcome Monument and immediately stay at Hotel Indonesia? The best time to visit this location is on Sundays, precisely at the car-free day event. Free photos with various angles in front of the Welcome Monument.

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