Why is seo very important?

Why is SEO important for websites? Yes, the answer that will be said by many people, especially SEO practitioners. We review once again the understanding of SEO in the previous post. SEO or in this country is often called Search Engine Optimization is a method that is carried out by someone systematically with the aim that the website that is optimized gets traffic or visits from search engines through certain keywords and on certain algorithms. With SEO, we will get various benefits that will benefit our company. Let’s look at some reasons why SEO is important for a website. Why is SEO important for websites? It’s because SEO will have a tremendous impact on your website, especially getting traffic for your website. Aside from that, you may hire the reliable seo companies in new york to improve your website’s traffic and products sales.

First reason

The first reason is that SEO helps your website to be easily recognized by Search Engines. With SEO your website will easily appear on the search engine search page (SERP). Besides that, the more known a website is, the bigger the website will appear in search results with certain keywords.

Second reason

The second reason is that SEO helps your website to get targeted traffic. Most search engine users will type keywords as detailed as possible. You can use long tail keywords to get visitors who are ready to buy, meaning visitors want to buy products that you have because it is in accordance with what is being sought by visitors.

Third reason

The third reason is that SEO helps increase your company’s profit. Why is that? With a website that has been optimized, it will get traffic through the keywords that you are aiming for. Thus through your website, the greater the chance of conversion (sales). Besides that, your company’s branding will also be helped, most visitors will remember a site that is really in accordance with what they are looking for.

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